Who We Are

Nomad Style, with its fresh interpretations of often imitated, never duplicated, classic Afghan nomad designs, is the brainchild of its founder and principle designer, Nooria A. Farhad, an Afghan American designer, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Growing up in Kabul, Afghanistan in the tumultuous 1960s, Nooria had the opportunity to observe Afghan nomad women in their majestic gowns up close and personally. For her young mind. these beautiful nomad women represented a different view of art mixed with life.  She was mesmerized by those gorgeous women in their stunning, embroidered gowns, colorful jewelry, and braided hairs; embellished with pins and silver head- pieces.

Nooria’s family lived in western Kabul; near the University.  The nomads used to set up their summer camp close to Nooria’s family home. Every afternoon, these women came to the large courtyard of her parents’ house. Nooria would be waiting and sitting outside; waiting for nomad women to come to get drinking water.  She was awestruck by the sight of the tall and proud nomad women strutting around in their full regalia. She would often join them as they gathered around the water tap in the backyard to enjoy their refreshment of fresh cucumbers with a pinch of salt; chatting and laughing. Afghanistan was a happy place in those days, or so thought those nomad women. Looking back thru the time telescope of her mind, Nooria, now, knows the women had a reason for their happy, boisterous laughter: THEY WERE FREE CITIZENS OF A FREE COUNTRY; happy and forward looking! Nooria found every excuse to be near them, and did not heed to her mother’s calls to finish her chores. Those memorable summer days put at permanent impression on her mind, and determined the course of  life.  She became an avid lover of all thing nomadic.

After getting married to a likeminded soul, Asad S. Farhad, she moved to the US in the late 1970s where she pursued her interest in nomad jewelry and embroideries.

The real opportunity came in 1991 when the insurance company Nooria was working for closed the California offices, and moved to Arizona.  Nooria who was smitten by nomadic designs, decided to travel around the globe to explore opportunities in that field.

In Pakistan, she came face to face with Afghan refugees who were selling nomad gowns, jewelry, and embroideries. It is said that when opportunity meets interest, something beautiful happens.  In Nooria’s case, Nomad Style was born in 1991, and has been growing strong ever since.

Today, Nomad Style is an internationally recognized brand name as the premier provider of ethnic Afghan nomad inspired clothing and jewelry. The company has customers on every continent on the planet.

Showroom Address: 4292 Dorthea Street, Yorba Linda, Ca, 92886

Showroom hours: By appointment only

Phone: 714 234 5698


FB: Nomad Style

Instagram: nomadstyle2019

Our Vision:

We see a world in which fast fashion is replaced with lasting and durable lines of clothing which  will decrease  the pressure on our planet’s speedily declining resources and environment. 

Our Afghan nomad style clothing line is made using mostly recycled, hand embroidered textiles and natural fabrics. All our products are, mostly, hand washable with soap and warm water; eliminating; the need for chemical cleaning.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to resource our components from Afghanistan to benefit the women who painstakingly hand embroider and embellish each piece with love. We will continue our informational and educational campaign to encourage the younger generation, especially the betrothed to opt for hand- made, genuine nomad style clothing as the formal wear for their nuptials. In this way, more money is channeled to the producers in Afghanistan, instead of crew bosses in sweat shops in eastern and southern hemispheres. We encourage our brides to hang onto their gowns and pass them onto the next generations.

Our Value Statement:

We respect our planet and its environment, and do our best to minimize  wasteful and polluting activities. We direct all our manual labor to Afghanistan so that the craftswomen can put food in front of their families; without compromising their dignity. To protect our motherland’s handicrafts traditions, we stay away from machine made, knock off embroideries and shabbily made fabrics.

We stand by our quality standards and do not compromise our quality for the sake of offering low price products.

Our Design Philosophy:

We believe that beauty lies in simplicity. We stay away from crowded, gaudy, overly embellished styles that give the dress priority over the wearer. We firmly believe that the wearer should be the focal point.

For this reason, we opt for clean lines and minimal embellishment.

I, Nooria A. Farhad, take pride in my design work as an artist, just as I do when I cook for my family and friends; practicing “less is more” philosophy. My food is always flavorful and enticing, instead of being overpowered with spice. To me, fashion design and food design are very similar:  subtle tones and embellishments, subtle flavors and aromas !!

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